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3 Quick Tips: Avoid Phony Chanel Handbags

Chanel has some of the highest quality standards in the fashion world. Every product is intricately detailed and crafted, even down to the smallest, seemingly irrelevant products like an authenticity card accompanying a handbag. A genuine auth card will be manufactured with the same quality standard of all the Chanel handbag products, including, but not limited to, hardware, care books, labels, straps, o-rings etc. Every card associated with a handbag will be made of the higher quality materials than a that of a lesser brand. And because of this adherence to quality standards, the authenticity card is always a good place to look when spotting a phony Chanel handbag.

Authenticity card number: The number associated with the authenticity card should always be the same number that is seen on the hologram sticker inside the handbag. Always check the auth card number against the number inside the handbag, printed on the hologram sticker. If there is any discrepancy, even with a single digit, that should be an automatic red flag.

Color and quality: A card made with lesser quality, generally the way many counterfeit cards are made, can sometimes throw off a rainbow reflection. If the card when angled in the light, it does not matter if it is sunlight or indoors, if it reflects a prism like rainbow hue, then the card is most likely a fake Chanel authenticity card. And from there, it is not a difficult inference to make that the bag associated with card is also counterfeit. If the card passes the rainbow reflection test, check the width of the card, often times a fake card is thinner and weaker, and much easier to bend. However, a real card will be much harder to bend.

These are not every detail about authenticity cards, but if you use these tips, you should weed out many of the phonies. Good luck and safe shopping!