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Amazing Women to Inspire You

Today your homework simple. Here is a list of women for you to study and admire. Note what you like about each womans' style. Maybe. . . somewhere deep inside you. . . it's a link to your inner Sassy.

A. Catherine the Great: Empress of Russia (June 28, 1762 - November 17, 1796).

Catherine had many achievements. She left Russia stronger, prosperous and beautiful in her reign as Empress. That she failed in much she had set out to do had less to do with her and more to do with human nature. Catherine was unwilling to use terror or force to transform society. She chose a more patient path. Her goal was to gradually raise the level of culture by legislation, education, and example.

What we can learn from Catherine: 1. She kept her voracious appetites throughout her life. 2. Excellent advice: "I like to praise and reward in a loud voice and to scold in a whisper. " 3. A charming conversationalist, writers Diderot and Voltaire jealously vied for the pleasure of her company. 4. Don't believe the nonsense about her death and the horse.

B. Coco Chanel: Fashionista (1883-1971)

What we can learn from Coco:

"It's an unseen, unforgettable, ultimate fashion accessory. It heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure. " Coco Chanel

It's not the dress, the make-up, the bag the shoes. It's your scent. Study Coco, explore the world of fragrance and find your signature scent. That's powerful!

C. Greta Garbo: Swedish actress (1905-1990)

What we can learn from Ms. Garbo: 1. Keep a little mystery. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter allow you to post things about everything you are doing every minute of the day. It will be that much more powerful in our "overly open" society. Just because someone asks you something about yourself doesn't mean you have to tell them. Especially if it is personal information!

2. Garbo had lots of eccentricities. She had layer upon layer which only added to her mystery.

3. Garbo expressed her "kooky self" with no apologies. She would leave a person alone mid-conversation. When asked if she was available for dinner she would respond "How do I know that I'll be hungry that day?"

What women from history inspire you? Are you impressed with Catherine's ability to keep her voracious appetite for life? Chanel and her way with words? How about Garbo and her mysterious ways? There is probably something in them that lives deep within you. Explore and enjoy the discoveries. Enjoy your assignments! Love, Goddess.