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Getting A Good Fit For Your Motorcycle And Motorcycle Jackets

There is nothing better than the feeling of riding out on the open road. This is freedom, being one with the surroundings, one with the bike, wearing a motorcycle jacket that is great looking, because everyone knows a rider in leather is just that, great looking. This would be a totally different picture if the motorcycle and the jacket were not a good fit for the rider. It could mean the motorcycle is hard to ride instead of being a comfortable fit that seems custom made, and the jacket could pull up too far at the wrists and bind the arms and shoulders.

So how can a rider be sure that both the motorcycle they ride and motorcycle jackets they wear are both a good fit? First let's talk about motorcycle jackets. Every manufacturer of these jackets are not the same. One cannot say I wear a size 40 in one brand and expect to get the same fit in a size 40 jacket in another brand. To be sure it is going to be a great fitting jacket, always follow the measuring instructions on the site of that specific company. This way the arms will be the correct length, and the jacket will fit perfectly across the back and shoulders giving enough room to provide a comfortable ride while wearing it.

Also having the proper type of jacket is important. If it is summer and hot, then it is definitely a good idea to have a motorcycle jacket that has air vents that can be opened fully front and back to create a cooling circulating airflow inside the jacket. If it is winter and cold then a rider can benefit from having a jacket that has a thick liner that can be zipped back into the jacket. There are some jackets that come with neck warmers also. Overall great fitting motorcycle jackets truly are a rider's next best friend, providing them with a good look and protection from the weather and possible hazards of the road.

Now on to a rider's best friend, the motorcycle. If the motorcycle is a good fit for the rider and can therefore be handled well, riding is what it is meant to be, if it is not a good fit the experience will be frustrating every time, as well as downright dangerous because the bike will not be handled as well and an ill-fitting bike can create fatigue in the rider quicker than one that fits well. If a rider is comfortable on a bike, they will be able to ride it harder and farther. Bottom line different bodies fit well on different bikes.

These days there are motorcycle ergonomics, which is the science of designing motorcycles that conform to the human body. This influences all of the aspects of motorcycle design, such as riding position to the placement of the controls. The better the motorcycle fits the more comfortable the ride. It is very important to not buy a bike that is too big. Often this does happen. A motorcycle is just like a bicycle in that they are both unstable vehicles, meaning if you don't hold them up they will fall over, but a motorcycle is much heavier to pick up than a bicycle. Starting out small enough and slow enough when choosing a motorcycle for the first time is important. Some of the best riders work their way up in size as they learn to ride the one they have to its full potential.

Every rider deserves to have their riding experience be everything it is meant to be. As every rider knows there really is nothing better than being out on the open road with the freedom, the sound of the engine, being one with the surroundings, on a motorcycle that feels like it was custom made to fit, wearing a great looking motorcycle jacket waiting to see the amazing vista around the next bend in the road.