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Handy Juicy Couture Ombre-Logo Wristlet

Although that you possess several designer bags, sometimes you still can not find a suitable bag for certain occasions. The other day I went shopping with a girl friend but couldn't find a satisfy bag. My collected bag either is too large in size or too complicated to carry for shopping, only if I had bought this Juicy Couture Ombre-logo Wristlet earlier. This smart bag can be hand-carried so that I do not have to worry about its security problem nor afraid that the bag chain might press my precious shirt. You might also like to add this Juicy Couture wristlet to your wardrobe.

This designer purse comes out in two colors, neutral desert and black. Personally I prefer the light color one for it goes well with my clothes in easy breezy spring summer days. Once again this Juicy Couture bag is made of high quality soft velour that features "Juicy" embroidery only that this time the logo comes in ombre style. Dear, when you are choosing between the two colored bags there is one detail to notice. The desert bag features gold tone hardware but the black one with silver hardware.

This wristlet bag measures 6 inches high, 8.75 inches wide and 0.5 inch deep. The modestly look bag is spacious enough for holding basic essentials. Besides, there are three inside card slots and an open pocket with magnetic closure on back. This Juicy Couture bag features log fabric lining and zip top with logo-buttoned pull tab. The wrist strap is 15 inches long and trimmed with adjustable buckle. How do you like this Juicy Couture Wristlet bag? It is available at no more than $78.00.