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Importance of Body Armor to Save Your Life

Body armor or a bullet proof vest is designed to stop injuries to those sensitive key organ systems found in your chest and abdominal areas. Body armor is a protection wall of chest by slowing the bullet down and dispersing that energy over a wider area of the bullet proof vest. It does that by means of layers of man-made fabrics. Each sheet put in front of the bullet helps expend the energy and distort the bullet until it loses energy and stops. You will immobile feel like you have been hit by a sledge but you will be breathing to complain about it.

Bullet proof vests or body armor vest merely refers to the defensive clothing that is designed to be bullet-resistant. Opposite to their well-liked name, these hard armor plates are in reality not bulletproof as the steel in toughened vehicles are. They are only made from many coatings of woven and laminated fabric materials that defend against the puncturing actions of fired bullets. The function of the body armor is only to diminish the injuries caused by firearm-fired projectiles as well as the shrapnel fragments of blasts.

Many design of such body armor have saved the lives of so many people, mainly those who are operational in the defense services and law-enforcing services. Since many of those who were saved attested to the vests capability to safeguard fragments of fired handguns and shotguns, these shielding articles were tagged to be bulletproof vests. To stop bullet penetration, bullet proof vests require soaking up the force of the bullet. To do that, they make use of sheets of strong fibers to grasp the bullet and scatter its energy through the stuff. This action may source the bullet to be bent; handgun bullets have a tendency to mushroom into a dished plate next to a well designed fabric bulletproof vest. This approach the material brings the shot to stop.