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In Search of the Real Signs That a Marriage Is Over

Your heart is heavy, and you feel like there's nowhere to turn. Somehow, your marriage, which was the core of your existence, has begun slipping away, and you are seeing signs that marriage is over. It isn't what you want, and you don't know how you got there, but you believe you're now faced with starting your life all over again, and the fear and pain are overwhelming. Whereas you once discussed everything with each other, you find yourselves seldom talking and actually communicating even less. Your physical relationship has crashed and burned, and you can see no way out.

Take heart. There is still hope. Most likely you're just suffering from blah-marriage syndrome. Not that it's really a condition, mind you, but you know what it feels like. The spark is gone. Maybe you or your spouse have been involved in an extra-marital affair, and possibly you've grown a long way apart. No matter what you're dealing with, a marriage coach will be able to help you rekindle the romance or else get on with your life after divorce. Not only that, but he'll know if the signs in your relationship really mean that it's over or if it's just ailing and can be healed.

With the support of a marriage coach, you won't have to feel alone in your decisions. You may have been denying the signs or feeling so bad about your situation that you're reading more into the things your spouse does or doesn't do than are really there. Either way, your coach can help you readjust your thinking, exchange negative feelings for positive ones, and teach you to resurrect your marriage if that's the way you decide you want to go. Of course, nothing is guaranteed in every situation, but you'll be able to explore options you never even knew you had and then make informed decisions about what is best for you and your family.

There are some major signs that marriage is over even though you may not be willing to face them. These include severe physical, emotional, and mental abuse, one spouse moving out to live with someone else, the revelation that your spouse is gay and wants to live the gay lifestyle, or learning that your spouse has been sexually abusing your children. If these things have happened in your marriage, they're almost surely irreversible signs that there is no saving your marriage.