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ToyWatch That Tells the Right Time

What does the abbreviation TW stands for? If you ask this question to adults, they might struggle a bit to answer but when you ask this to kids you will get the answer instantly. They will say 'ToyWatch' in chorus. Originating from Italy, ToyWatch is a name that kids in all corners of the world know. It is a name that has made watch a part of kids' fashion. Kids' watches are available in hundreds of brands but not a single name has been able to pose any kind of challenge to the 'TW' abbreviation. It is a name without which kids' attires look incomplete. Kids who have got the watches care for them like treasures and those who do not have them cherish the dream of getting one.

As the name indicates, ToyWatch is a unique item that fulfills the purpose of seeing time and at the same time gives a kid the feeling of playing with a toy. But don't mistake, these watches are real and despite of their reasonable prices, are made of superior quality materials and last long. Unlike other popular wristwatch brands like Fastrack, Titan, Timex and G-shock, ToyWatch is not a very old player in the market. Designed by Italian watch designer Marco Malliva, the TW watches had hit the markets in Europe in 2005 but captured the global market within a remarkably short time. Randy Gordon, the owner of ToyWatch was fortunate enough to have a talent like Malliva in his workshop because it was his amazing idea that has helped Gordon to open a subsidiary of his company in the US. ToyWatch USA is among the leading wristwatch manufacturers and sellers in USA today. There are several TW outlets in all the major US cities, each earning huge revenues on a daily basis. Increasing popularity of the cute, cool toy-like watches have helped the brand make its presence felt in Asia too, which is evident from the company opening its shops in Mumbai in 2010.

If you are still wandering how an item that looks like a ToyWristwatch succeeded in conquering the global market so fast, you need to have a look at an item of the TW brand. The main feature that had led to the coinage of the trade name is the semi transparent jelly like look of the watches that resemble toys. Known as jelly plastic, the material is soft and light weighed and looks bright on the wrist. The material is completely waterproof and that makes the watches suitable for daily use. Besides, due to their lightweights kids find the watches easy to carry on the wrists for long. The watches are available in a variety of colors and wide range of designs from where one can pick up one for a very small kid or a growing teenager. The watches are smart looking and a lot to children's fashion. Today however, TW is equally favorite among people who have come past their childhood and teenage. The sober watches with black, white and grey colors are just perfect to go with casual outfits like jeans and cargoes. Some of the most popular ranges of the ToyWatch brand are:

• Fluo • Fluo White • Fluo Violet • Fluo Black • Fluo Yellow Sunshine • Fluo Purple Rain • Fluo Chrono • Small Fluo • Fluo Disco Chrono • J-Looped • Fluo Mood • Plastermatic